BMX Tricks


Game Name: BMX Tricks   (Played: 15486)
Description: BMX Tricks is a single-player BMX bike stunt game. In this game, you are given the chance to showcase your skills in performing a bunch of awesome bike stunts. You will earn points for every successful stunt that you can execute. Just make sure that you can execute them all within the given time span. Anyways, there are a lot of tricks that you can do and you can even use the objects in the obstacle course to perform some breath-taking stunts. You may be free to perform some simple stunts but remember, your overall score will be based upon the complexity of your performance
Game Control: F - Pedal. A - Brake. Up / Down Arrows - Turn. Spacebar - Crouch / Jump. Left / Right Arrows - Rotate in air. D - Tailwhip. S - Superman
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